Over the years we have learnt to work with the best specialists in numerous professional fields. We can guarantee unequalled competence and reliability.


- Engineers and technicians (electronics, mechanics, electricity, water, agriculture, veterinary...)
- Qualified workmanship, in order to eliminate poor quality of work due to illegally recruited substandard, unskilled labour.
- Film crew (Beta camera Sx or Sp), photography, development, editing, lighting, actors, extras
- Air and sea pilots ( helicopter transport, aerial photography, sea and river piloting)
- Chauffeurs/courriers
- Guides/interpreters
- Cooks/domestic workers
- Guardians


- Foundry workers (industrial and domestic)
- Carpenters, metal workers
- Mechanics ( marine, diesel, hydraulics, motorcycles...)
- Electricians (ships, buildings, performing arts...)
- Refrigeration (industrial and domestic)
- Building and Civil Engineering
- Architecture, landscaping, embellishment
- Computer graphics (CAD,CAP, NIT...)
- Advertising
- Secretarial services
- Insurance
- Deep-sea works
- Air, sea, road transportation
- Tourism

Africa, Senegal in particular, depend on a seemingly informal type of economy. This, contrary to expectations, is in fact a formidable basis for the successful execution of numerous intercultural projects.

In this context SENEGAL LOGISTIQUEcan deal with the unexpected to its advantage by improvising and adapting quickly in order to ensure that schedule and quality are respected.


Nafy Gueye
Our public relations and executive secretary, rigorous and dynamic, she makes
SENEGAL LOGISTIQUE run like clockwork.


Alassane Gueye
Our technical coordinator and trouble shooter, with a gift for solving the unsolvable, he deals with contracting labour and services.


David Bouchet
Many-sided and intuitive, he is the leading spirit of all
SENEGAL LOGISTIQUE operations and activities.