You wish to develop a project in West Africa.
You are a businessman or woman, you wish to launch a cultural or sporting event, you are thinking of making a film, press reviews, setting up an NGO, an International Organisation Programme ...,

In order to achieve your goal in a strange environment, in constant mutation, you will need to rely on knowledge and expertise acquired over the years by people who work and are part of the country.

- Assessment, follow up, coordination
- Ensuring a professional approach to logistic operations
- Selecting and recruiting adequate and competent personnel

Those are the fundamental criteria towards the completion of any operation

SENEGAL LOGISTIQUE is there to help you.

By coping successfully with the inevitable element of risk, by showing understanding of cultural differences SENEGAL LOGISTIQUE can offer a wide range of operational services, help coordinate and facilitate procedures.

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Sénégal Logistique
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